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Wood Dowel Machine Blade Knives

  • Wood Dowel Machine Blade Knives
  • Wood Dowel Machine Blade Knives
  • Wood Dowel Machine Blade Knives

Huhai fabricates wood dowel machine blade knives using highly-grained cemented carbide of renowned brands, achieving high intensity, endurance and toughness of the blades. Before leaving the factory, each product must go through over 10 processing procedures, multiple examinations and a thorough manual check to secure supreme precision level and to avoid fracturing during service.

9CrSi alloy steel; 65Mn spring steel; Cr12 cold work tool steel; LD high toughness cold work tool steel; SKD-11 cold die steel

2-side planer, 4-side planer, wood shaper machine and copying machine in woodworking.

  • Wood Dowel Machine Blade Knives
  • Wood Dowel Machine Blade Knives

Timbers Supported
Solid wood, plywood, melamine faced chipboard(M.F.C), acrylic

1. Spiral cutting surface: high precision designing and developing techniques are applied to wood dowel machine blade knives to reasonably distribute disintegrated blades around the cutting body so that a relatively small instant cutting surface is formed to reduce burning marks and burrs during service.

2. Quick heat radiation: the wood dowel machine blade knives resort to 7xxx series aerospace level aluminum alloys to construct its cutting body. Such structure raises heat radiation and structural intensity of the cutter body, enhances the stability of the blades and extends the product's service life.

3. Disintegrated blades: the blades used by wood dowel machine blade knives are assembled onto cutting body in a non-wielding manner. As a consequence, the blades remain their original hardness and the product gets its service life extended. Furthermore, when some of the blades become less sharp, they can be easily disassembled and replaced, significantly saving time and maintenance expenses.

4. Long service life: the cutting body of wood dowel machine blade knives, made from aluminum alloys, is twice to three times more endurable than regular blades; when assembled to a 2-side or 4-side planer, the service life of cutting body can be extended to three to four times that of regular blades.

5. Tiny wood dust: the spiral cutting method adopted by our blade knives generates tiny wood dust. The dust can be easily separated from wood pieces being processed by a central vacuum system.

6. Mild noise: our product enjoys a 30dB to 50dB noise decrease cutting wood pieces, comparing with regular blades cutting the same surface.

We also support customizing blades and knives of any shape according to blueprint or sample provided by our clients.

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